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What are our customers saying?

I was looking for a quick and easy way to build forms for my customers websites and after countless days downloading what looked like good offerings, only to find out they were to limited. I came across AJAX Form Pro, I really do wish it had been the first offering I had found! It is really simple to create basic and more complicated forms and with the recent addition of conditional formatting, AJAX Form Pro really is the best software I have come across for creating forms within websites. The installation process is simple and once installed setting up the forms couldn’t be more simple. You do not need to have an in depth knowledge of programming to use this software, it really is that easy! The after sales support offered has also been fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend AJAX Form Pro.

Carl Chapman, Director & Co Owner, Full Cycle Business Solutions

Very nice! We went through 8 different scripts, only to be frustrated with broken code, links, and tutorials, to finally find one so simple, beautiful and it works! We are avid PHP programmers, but are not yet too versed with AJAX, so this solution was perfect! Thanks


I had a real need for a clean and stylish contact form. I tried some 11 forms before I decided on one. I have to say your form was the winning choice hands down.

Kevin Morrison, NW Interactive designs

I have tried many form scripts before and they were more hassle than making one yourself. This one did the trick, I have tried it out on my website using the lightbox feature and it was too easy. Really this form creator is amazing and expertly designed to look clean and smart. Check out my lightbox form on the website where I have 2 links to the same form on the page.


It works very good and it solved the problem of needing a form validation as well a as a success message in the same page.

Rolando Martinez Barron, Matamoros

I am working a project for patisserie web site in Turkey and i used your form form this web site contact page. Belong to me, your form is very useful and successful, thanks a lot.

Kayhan Yalinkilic

It’s very great validation. I haven’t problem with it. I was very busy web designer from Slovakia and my friends need it for his webpage. Your contact form is very clear, easy and like me.

Marián Baránek

I don’t know why it took me so long to decide to upgrade from previous version to new AJAX Form Pro. This product is absolutely amazing! Installation process is as easy as 1-2-3. And you can build elegant, simple or more advanced forms in minutes. All forms can be easily customized to your needs. And, the best part is – you can edit everything from Admin Panel, without editing any source files and uploading them to a server every time you make changes!

Sebastian Talar

I use this plugin on almost all of my website builds. I also love the fact that it has database tables built in MyISAM. With Ajax form Pro I can create stunning layout forms without having to use any coding, thanks to the super user-friendly options and settings that let me build dynamic forms in no time. The power and simplicity of Ajax Form Pro make it an invaluable tool for every WordPress website and it works with all themes I have used it on. Ajax Form Pro put me in charge over the various kinds of contact forms I want to build, with each option being specifically created and designed for easy use and incredible flexibility.

Anthony Turner, Norwest Automotive & Performance

Ajax Form Pro is great! We’ve been using both the Standalone, and Wordpress versions for years now and it keeps getting better! The newer "Visual Style" editor allows us to customize the form's default look and feel quickly, and implement it into our website in a few minutes. If the Visual Style edits are not enough to achieve our web form’s look/feel we can use the "Custom CSS" feature. A great way to take more specific control of your online forms.

If you want to integrate a secure, scalable, and flexible form onto your website, or your clients’ websites, this software is tough to beat.

Gordon Holman, SlickFish Studios, LLC