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2.9.3 - 18 Mar 2016
"Custom Scripts" feature added - add your own code in the HEAD section of the page including JavaScript that could interact with the form (so you won't have to create a custom layout just for this purpose).

2.9.2 - 2 Feb 2016
Use custom path for sessions is disabled by default for better compatibility; Prevent any errors from showing when updating forms' data; Redundant blocks of code were removed

2.9.1 – 21 Jan 2016
Improved the installation wizard; the user can choose the database engine (e.g. some people prefer MyISAM for their server) or leave it as default (whatever the MySQL server has)

2.9.0 – 18 Jan 2016
Updated the installation process to make it nicer for UI, Converted some Smarty files to PHP, Updated code to avoid notice errors, Updated to latest version of jQuery and jQuery Migrate, Updated styling for attachments, Added CSS conditionals to avoid ugly CSS syntax, Added relative URI to the CSS images for both http and https, Reply-To is improved and alerts the user of its importance, Fixed bugs on checkbox selections (Check All button/link), In edit config page, user is alerted if there are no recipients added, Fixed bug that prevented the form to have the right JS settings when it was the very first time created (without further updates), Deleted unused files and images

2.8.9 – 05 Dec 2015
Fixed some notice errors, bugs related to “Send Copy to Sender” and renamed an info text on Form Configuration Renamed classes to prevent conflicts with others scripts Coding Standard PSR2 + Improvements Made sure the errors are showing correctly if uploads files fail on forms. Namespace added and classes were renamed – ZeroClipboard was added – the code was improved Added localise, improved code and fixed bugs on parse.php Alternative to “mb_convert_encoding” added in case the ‘mbstring’ extension is not enabled Before/After for Merged Fields are now cloned if the “Clone Form” feature is used Print a message that 5.3+ is required and do not allow the setup to continue is this is not fixed. PHPMailer fix to load inside a namespace file Show more errors about why the email was not sent

2.8.8 – 23 May 2015
Prevent DD dependant from firing twice Updated reCAPTCHA, the way attachments are shown in the form (same page), setup visual styling from the edit form configuration page & bug fixes Added “Reply-To” feature Bug fix for conditionals to apply when field has no value after form submit Make sure the .js files are saved with UTF-8 encoding Fixed Uploader Bug and used .PHP instead of Smarty to render the HEADER part Basic CSS styling is editable from the Admin Panel

2.8.7 – 16 Feb 2014
JavaScript and CSS files for the forms are created faster now – Added “Test SMTP Settings” feature

2.8.6 – 30 Nov 2013 – Implemented jQuery Chosen Plugin (to enhance the look of the select drop-downs – 09/01/2014) – Added “Clone Field” (new feature) – CSS and JavaScript files are loading faster now as their static and have the extensions .css and .js (before they were processed as PHP files requiring a database connection which slowed down the loading process) – Now the connection to the database is made through MySQLi (for the standalone version, WordPress by default does not support MySQLi yet) which is faster and better than the traditional mysql_*() family of functions which are old and scripted to be deprecated in future versions of PHP.

2.8.5 – 07 Nov 2013
Replace “Edit Area” Template Editor with Ace Editor. The loading time of the ‘Edit Template’ page is faster and the new editor is hosted in the cloud which makes AJAX Form Pro lighter – Fixed a bug on the conditional logic – Made the forms responsive to adapt to tablets, smartphones etc.

2.8.2 – 05 Oct 2013
Custom Field Validation Added – Now you can validate any field as you want by calling an external file that will check the value entered by the visitor who fill the form. – The actual values submitted by the visitor can be now embedded into the Auto-Responder just like you do on the email that is sent to the admin. e.g. If the field’s name is first_name, then make sure you put “Greetings {first_name}” in the Auto-Responder in order to show his name. {ALL_FIELDS} will show the submitted form fields.

2.8.1 – 28 Sep 2013
Show Custom Content after Successful Form Submit: Now you can add any content you want the visitor to see after the form is sent (you can output any HTML code there).

2.8.0 – 27 Aug 2013
Improved the installation wizard by adding extra instructions and making the URL to AJAX Form Pro to be validated correctly – Set Field’s Default Value from URL Query String Value

2.7.5 – 18 Aug 2013
Added Custom E-Mail Settings for Each Recipient – Send E-Mail to specific recipients based on option selected from a drop-down or radio button

2.7.0 – 08 Jun 2013
Added Conditional/Logic Fields Feature – Added more validation types for a field including Regular Expressions type

2.6.0 – 05 Jan 2013
Added “Close Box and Return to Form” button in the Upload Lightbox – Added a new feature: Import Form from HTML

2.5.0 – 07 Nov 2012
Added 3 Bootstrap CSS Styles to the existing layouts * Added relative path (during the script installation) to the Form URL so you can load and use the CAPTCHA with both www and non-www in front of the domain name or if you load the same Form from URLs that have wildcard subdomains. * Send Post Data to remote URL: Useful for developers who do not wish to have an email sent or the message stored in the data, but just to create a form and send the post data to another page, whether it’s for a forum registration, a newsletter subscription etc. * Export All Messages from a Form / All Forms * Export All the Fields Values that were stored for a Form (if the save data to DB is enabled) * Turn Form into a basic PHP Contact Form: if, for any reason, you want to disable the AJAX validation and have the page refreshed after the user presses “Submit”, you can do that now. Also, the dependent selections that were made in the Selects are preserved in the refreshed page.

2.4.0 – 26 Jun 2012
Added reCAPTCHA service to enhance security

2.3.5 – 06 Jun 2012
Fixed an UI bug: the attachments were not cleared after form submit * Added a new feature: dependent dropdown selectors (load a list of option based on the selected option from the parent select field)

In terms of features, the WordPress Plugin has the same functionality as the Standalone version (both Standalone and WordPress versions have the same version number). It’s just adapted to work smoothly with WordPress. Both versions are updated at the same time with few exceptions when the changes that are done in the plugin have to be WordPress related to ensure maximum compatibility with the latest WordPress version. All the change logs you see here are related to functionality related to WordPress only.

2 Feb 2016

All the updates are done when the plugin is re-activated without any extra steps when updating the plugin; Fixed SQL errors that were showing in specific situations

21 Jan 2016

  • The custom MySQL tables are created using WordPress detected collate and the storage engine is left as the default MySQL one.

18 Jan 2016

  • Fixed bug that was showing access restricted when accessing the top menu link for “AJAX Form Pro” in some WordPress installations.
  • All the forms assets (.CSS and .JS files) are better loaded; If the forms are within posts/pages, then their IDs are detected and only the assets for those forms will be loaded

5 Dec 2015

  • Show more errors about why the email was not sent
  • In case the MySQL data can’t be imported for the plugin, an error will be shown notifying the user to manually do the import. The SQL data is shown within a textarea element.

29 Nov 2015

  • Before activation, to avoid any errors, the script checks if PHP 5.3+ is installed. If not, it will print an error and the plugin won’t be activated.
  • Code clean up; Load the Form Scripts and Styles the WP way

  • Bug Fixes: Lightbox is loading properly now

  • Enqueue more assets the WP way and make sure that the loaded ones are there when we need them

  • Forms are compatible with OptimizePress 2+

17 Oct 2015

  • Before/After for Merged Fields are now cloned if the “Clone Form” feature is used

22 Sep 2015

  • Show CAPTCHA on older PHP versions
  • Bug fixes for various PHP versions
  • Alternative to “mb_convert_encoding” added in case the ‘mbstring’ extension is not enabled; Fixed notice error on adding validation to a field

29 Aug 2015

  • Made sure the maximum form width is applied correctly when the form is generated; Cleaned up some code
  • Fixed notice errors; “Documentation” link works and opens in a new tab to the correct external page; Renamed some menu titles
  • Fixed Export All Messages (no more headers already sent errors); Prevented Notice Errors to Show for POST values
  • Sessions are loaded now and the CAPTCHA code is validated correctly in case the form is a basic (non-AJAX) one
  • Any database errors are show; Updated invalid links

16 Aug 2015

  • Prevent duplicate attachment links when viewing message on Admin Panel
  • Made sure the plugin’s file is set correctly, cleanup code, prevented notice errors, added a few queries to the SQL queries list that removes unused data that is added by older versions of the plugin, edited a URL to point out to the right page

15 Aug 2015

  • Made the popup menu work fine, corrected HTML code, fixed notice errors, remove unused files, fixed bugs, included file_get_contents alternative in case it’s disabled on some servers
  • Hid notice errors, made sure the new form gets its JS and CSS updated after cloned, fixed SQL error on the front-end, Improved the way the new form is updated during cloning

14 Aug 2015

  • Released an improved version of the plugin: Less Files, Better Forms Responsiveness, Uses Namespaces, the Code is Cleaner and easier to read (PSR2) and it follows better WordPress conventions/standards.
  • If the form is loaded outside the posts/pages and it hasn’t been loaded already in the posts/pages, then the setting “Load in WordPress custom pages?” should be set to “Yes”. If it isn’t, a notice is shown instead of the form.