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Important Things To Check Before Making Your Form Live

Hey guys,

As I’ve been helping people setting up forms, I’ve noticed a few things that are often forgot when setting up a form and can cause inconvenience or even prevent the form from working properly. I’ve made a list of things you should check on your forms before having visitors submit them. Some of them would seem like common sense, but they are often forgotten and I believe it’s worthy to point them out.

1) Set the right “Deliverability” settings

If you’re wondering why you’re not getting emails, it could be because “Send Mail After Submit” is set to “No” (note that if you set it to yes, you also need to select the recipient(s) that will receive the email in order for the setting to take effect). The same applies if the messages are not saved in the database. You need to have “Save (Archive) Messages After Submit” set to “Yes”.


2) Set the right “Mail Headers”

This includes: Sender Name, Send E-Mail, Reply To Name and Reply to E-Mail. Make sure these values are not left as they are and you double check the values here.

If you do not have a field such as “Name” or “Company” (that would suggest who filled the form), you can select a custom one (e.g. “Visitor”, “Site Guest” etc.). The same applies for “Reply-To Name”.

In order to use “Reply-To” feature, you need to have a field in the form such as “E-Mail” so you know to whom you will reply.


3) Keep “Debug” set to false

In case you see the AJAX (spinning) loader without getting any response, you might have errors in the backend that are preventing the response of the request to be formatted correctly. This could be incompatibility between your server and the script or even a bug (although the script is tested properly before every release) though this is rare. However, if everything works as expected (and it should 100%), then make sure to keep the debug to “false” in a live environment as it can confuse visitors to see extra output in the form’s response.


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