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How to Implement Slide-In LEFT Popup into my Webpage [Standalone]

Go to “Forms” and make sure the form you want to integrate is on the list. Alternatively, use the search box to locate it.

Then, at the bottom of the page, click on “Integrate Form(s) Into My Web Page” and make the following selections:

  • Select the form (make one selection only)
  • Method: “Copy PHP(s) Codes”
  • Type: “Slide-In Left”

You will reach a new page where you will get the code that needs to be added into the page. See the screenshot below:


In case you have integration problems (PHP code errors, trying to make the integration into a .HTML page etc.), you can load the form from the sliding box inside an IFRAME.

To see this example live, Access “>> See it in action” link then get the HTML generated source code from that page.

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