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Conditional Fields Management

Where is the page located? On “Manage Forms” page, use the “Fields” link next to the form where you’d like to apply the conditional fields. From there, use “Manage Fields’ Conditionals” link from the bottom of the page.

Note: If you do not see the link, then you need to update your version of AJAX Form Pro.

If you need to have the fields visible/hidden, required/optional based on the input of other fields, then this is the feature you need to use. It was developed due to the a high demand of the people who use “AJAX Form Pro”. For example, you might want to show additional field(s) when you select “Yes” from a radio button and hide them when you select “No”. Or make a field required when another field has a specific value.

Possible Uses
You ask a question (e.g. “Are you a member?”) in the form and the visitor has to either select “Yes” or “No”. If he selects “Yes”, one extra textarea will show and it becomes a required field. If he selects “No”, then the textarea gets hidden and obviously not required.

In this example, you need to add 2 conditionals:

  • 1. If field Are you a member? HAS the value Yes then Extra Info to IS Visible & Required.
  • 2. If field Are you a member? HAS NOT the value Yes then “Extra Info” IS Hidden

By adding the second condition, you will have the “Extra Info” field hidden when the form loads. Make sure that the option values of the Radios (for “Are you a member?”) have the values “Yes” and “No” (the actual value of the radio is taken into consideration, not the text that you see next to the radio input).

Make sure not to add multiple conditions for the same field that “conflict” one with the other. Example:

  • 1) If field_1 has value “1”, field_2 is required.
  • 2) If field_3 has value “2”, field_2 is hidden (not required).

If field_1 would have value “1” and field_3 value “2”, then field_2 can’t be required and hidden at the same time.

2 Responses to “Conditional Fields Management”

  1. Sanj says:

    Hi, Can you please let me know how and where to set these values? also I there is no Paypal option?

    • admin says:

      You just have to go to the “Fields” page (the link is found on the “Manage Forms” page, for each form) and then click on “Manage Fields’ Conditionals” link on the bottom of the page. There is no PayPal integration option available at this time.

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