Form with One Entry per Submit

This is an example of the “Unique Entry per Submit” Feature. For example, this can be used if you want to have only 1 email address submitted. Could be for a Contest or an E-Mail List for Newsletters etc.

To test it: Submit the form successfully once with an e-mail address (could be a demo/fictional one), then try to submit the form again using the same e-mail. You will notice the error notice, letting you know that the e-mail already exists in the records.

View it in action

Basic PHP Contact Form without Real-time/AJAX Validation

This is an example of a form that has the (real-time) AJAX Validation disabled. It performs as a Basic PHP Form. The page will refresh after you click the SUBMIT button and it will show any possible errors. It’s also powered by CAPTCHA which will show you a new security code to input after the page is refreshed and validation errors were found.

View it in action