Contact Form with Logic/Conditional Fields

New Feature – This is an example of the “conditional fields” feature applied to a basic contact form. If you answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Are you a representative of our company?’ then 2 more fields will show up and they must be filled. If you then select ‘No’, those 2 fields will get hidden and obviously not required.

View it in action

Dependent Select DropDowns

This example shows how a drop-down is filled based on the selection from another one. After “Country” is chosen, the second drop-down will populate with the right “States/Provinces”.

Example 1 – One Level


This example shows a multiple list of options depending on each other.

Example 2 – Multiple Level


Form with One Entry per Submit

This is an example of the “Unique Entry per Submit” Feature. For example, this can be used if you want to have only 1 email address submitted. Could be for a Contest or an E-Mail List for Newsletters etc.

To test it: Submit the form successfully once with an e-mail address (could be a demo/fictional one), then try to submit the form again using the same e-mail. You will notice the error notice, letting you know that the e-mail already exists in the records.

View it in action